Hi again…

Just listening to music and playing the Sims. I deleted the Sims3 bc I don’t really like it. I dislike it almost as much as the first. The first was dreadful.

I had a virus on Erin and now I have malware. Grr… I have it all covered though. 😀 Going to take a shower soon. I’m on my cycle and it hurts like hell.

I wonder if Kus is coming.



I’m bored… I wonder when I’m getting my tax credit so I can get a Switch. I want to get it by my birthday in July. July is when they send out the tax thing.

But I have the Sims so… I won’t be bored very long.. 😀

We are having porkchops for dinner. I am not keen on chops but eh… I’m feeling sleepy so I might rest.l


Hello again…

I switched to Linux Mint because Windows was telling me my HD was dangerously full… how the fuck can that be?? Grr… so I will try Boxes again with Windows Vista or 7. Linux is speedier than Windows, and I can try Virtual Box too.

I am watching Criminal Minds. I love that show. 😀


Chance of a t-storm later on today…

But I will be home a long time before that ever happens. High of 18C! Woo!! Soon it will be time to get our shorts out and stuff. I can’t wait to start wearing dresses again. I want to go with Phyl or Cath to Giant Tiger to shop for clothes and shoes. I have a pair of flip flops but I can’t find them.

I wish that Bees would come home soon. She and I shopped last year for winter clothes.

Wish me luck at the dentists. 🙂


Better pix and facts

Image result for the fonz ehh gif

That just cracked me up. Not only does Alton look like the Fonz but acts like him too. XD

Now here is Molly. She looks like a friggin pig. The Bogweed nose doesn’t suit her as it does Alton. But we shall see. Also, she is a family sim, I think Alton is pleasure… and look!

One of her fears is puking. Gurl, you are a flippin’ family sim. YOU IS GONNA PUKE.

I am going to go ahead and choose Alton as heir to the Bogweed throne but we still have baby Logan. I will play the main lot now and see what he looks like.