Hi again…

Just listening to music and playing the Sims. I deleted the Sims3 bc I don’t really like it. I dislike it almost as much as the first. The first was dreadful.

I had a virus on Erin and now I have malware. Grr… I have it all covered though. 😀 Going to take a shower soon. I’m on my cycle and it hurts like hell.

I wonder if Kus is coming.



I’m bored… I wonder when I’m getting my tax credit so I can get a Switch. I want to get it by my birthday in July. July is when they send out the tax thing.

But I have the Sims so… I won’t be bored very long.. 😀

We are having porkchops for dinner. I am not keen on chops but eh… I’m feeling sleepy so I might rest.l


Hello again…

I switched to Linux Mint because Windows was telling me my HD was dangerously full… how the fuck can that be?? Grr… so I will try Boxes again with Windows Vista or 7. Linux is speedier than Windows, and I can try Virtual Box too.

I am watching Criminal Minds. I love that show. 😀


Chance of a t-storm later on today…

But I will be home a long time before that ever happens. High of 18C! Woo!! Soon it will be time to get our shorts out and stuff. I can’t wait to start wearing dresses again. I want to go with Phyl or Cath to Giant Tiger to shop for clothes and shoes. I have a pair of flip flops but I can’t find them.

I wish that Bees would come home soon. She and I shopped last year for winter clothes.

Wish me luck at the dentists. 🙂